Writer | Journalist | Content Producer

Hi there!

My name is Mina - I'm a New Zealand based writer, journalist & creative.

I've worked as an in-house writer and content producer for international brands/publications: Renovate Magazine, Refresh Renovations, Zones Landscaping, Oncore & MitoQ. I've also contributed as a freelancer to publications such as Eluxe, Noted, Tots to Teens, Plantie.com, Wanderful, Millenial Magazine & a range of grassroots organisations.

While these opportunities have allowed me to write about a wide range of topics, my main area of interest is children's rights and wellbeing. I come from a family of teachers and worked in childcare for many years before beginning my career as a writer. This background has largely contributed to my interest in supporting the wellbeing of children and their families through stories and articles.