• Mina Phillips

Vegan in Sydney - Eateries You Have to Try!

I recently visited Sydney for the first time and was blown away by the quality and quantity of vegan options. My husband and I visited Newtown multiple times a day simply because the area had so many vegan eateries that I wanted to tick off my list. There are still many that I ran out of time to try (and many that I'm dying to try again). These were my favourite eateries in Sydney.

Funky Pies - Bondi Beach

If you are heading to Bondi beach, pop in to Funky Pies on the way. They have a delicious range of eat-in and takeaway options, mainly pies but also raw desserts including cheesecakes and slices. They also offer fair trade coffee with an alternative milk of your choice.

Funky pies doesn't stop at veganism, the store focuses on doing good for animals, the planet and people, with all staff members wearing ethically made uniforms.

Gigi's Pizzeria

I discovered the best vegan food I have ever tasted, you guessed it, at Gigi's Pizzeria. No vegan restaurant I have ever been to compares to the taste and quality of this place. There was a line out the door to get in but it was well worth it. For appetizers we ordered the Crocchette di patate (almond coated potato croquettes) and the Arancini ai funghi porcini (polenta and mushroom rice balls). Both were insanely good. For our main we shared a calzone pizza that I am still dreaming about 6 months later. As you can see from the photo above...I literally could not wait to eat it.

If you have time for more, I highly recommend you try...

A cozy and popular spot, Lentil as Anything is another eatery that has animal welfare and human welfare at the heart of it. Mostly run by volunteers, the eatery offers training and work experience for those who may need it most. The menu changes weekly but you can expect to find dishes with an Indian influence as well as, of course, lentils. When you have finished your meal you decide how much you pay. Guidelines are provided on what your money will go toward - how much will cover your meal, how much will cover staff and how much will cover both in addition to paying for the meal of someone who would not be able to afford it otherwise.

If spring rolls and dumpling are your cup of tea, this is the place for you. Golden Lotus Vegan's menu offers up Vietnamese dishes containing vegan fake "meat". Appetizers include vegan drum sticks or Saigon taro rolls. Mains offer fake meat dishes, tofu dishes, noodles or soups. If your still hungry (or just curious) desserts include banana rolls with coconut cream and ice-cream...among other options.

An essential for any vegan visiting this part of the world, lord of the fries is the ultimate comfort/hang over food. Choose from vegetarian and vegan fries, burgers, hot dogs, shakes and breakfast buns!

Have I missed any? Let me know in the comments!