• Mina Phillips

Recycled Fashion|New Zealand's Best Shopping Spots

Whether it be for the environment, people or animals - shopping second hand is a beneficial move. The fashion industry is the second highest polluting industry in the world and contributes to approximately 150 million children being victims of child labour. By shopping second hand, you can choose to give money back to communities and causes, rather than brands that exploit workers and the environment. If you're looking in New Zealand, these second hand stores are some of my favourites.

$3.00 Dress from The Hospice Shop

The Hospice Shop

This dress was $3.00 from The Hospice Shop, a second hand store run by staff and volunteers. Purchases help to raise money which supports patients in palliative care, along with their families. There are currently six store in West Auckland as well as an online store.

Top & Jacket $4.00 each from The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

I bought this top and jacket from The Salvation Army for $4.00 each! Money spent at the stores goes towards a variety of community and church projects, as well as covering store costs.

Dress - $18.00 from Paper Bag Princess

Paper Bag Princess

Oh, the gems I have found at Paper Bag Princess! There are four PBP stores across New Zealand, selling a huge range of second hand clothing ranging from current brands to vintage fashion. The business is all about supporting a sustainable fashion industry donates to charities around New Zealand.

So...are you inspired?

Which one of these stores would you be most keen to support and why?

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